TD Beach To Beacon 10K Road Race Cape Elizabeth, Maine August 1st, 2015
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Each Year, the TD Beach to Beacon 10K Road Race expands its environmental practices thanks to its great corporate sponsor, Fairchild Semiconductor, and green consulting partner Athletes for a Fit Planet. Together, they are building on the race’s long-standing commitment to environmental and social responsibility. This year the race is applying for recertification as a sustainable event to the Council for Responsible Sport. Learn more about our sustainability initiatives at the Athletes for a Fit Planet booth at the expo.

Fairchild Semiconductor Fit Planet

Council for Responsible Sport Awards TD Beach to Beacon 10K Silver Certification 
Event organizers earned 45 of 51 possible certification credits by diverting 67 percent of the event’s waste from the landfill, calculating the carbon footprints of race operations (4.3 U.S. tons) and participant travel (223 U.S. tons), eliminating all pre-race printed marketing materials, and providing locally produced food and beverages to runners, just to name a few of the
event’s sustainability initiatives.

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Council for Responsible Sport

Our goal this year is to recycle and compost at least 75% of the waste from the race. To ensure we meet this goal, the TD Beach to Beacon 10K will have Green Team volunteers staffing the Recycling Stations at the start line and throughout the finish festival area.  They will be working to ensure the race recycles all plastic, cardboard and paper, plus compost all food waste as well as the 24,000 wax-coated paper cups used on the course.
Last year the TD Beach to Beacon 10K recycled and composted 66% of the 5.7 tons of waste produced so this year we are looking to increase our diversion rate by about 1,000 lbs. We ask all participants to do their part to help us reach our goal. If you have questions please ask one of our Green Team volunteers – they’ll be easy to spot in their green Beach to Beacon t-shirts.


The TD Beach to Beacon 10K encourages runners to drop your old running shoes in the Nike Reuse-a-Shoe box at the pre-race Expo and at the Nike booth at the finish festival. In 2011 we collected over 200 pairs of old running shoes and this year we are looking to double that figure. Nike’s Reuse a Shoe program keeps the shoes out of landfill (they take hundreds of years to break down) and provides a second-life for the materials in such things as playgrounds, basketball courts and tracks. It’s all part of Nike’s Considered Design Philosophy. Click here for more information.

Nike Reuse A Shoe

The biggest impact a race has on the environment is the carbon footprint from travel. Every mile you drive in the average 20-mpg car produces about 1 pound of CO2. So with a field of over 6,000 runners expected at this year’s TD Beach to Beacon 10K the carbon footprint can add up fast. Here are a few things we ask you to consider as you plan your travel to the race this year.

Use Satellite Parking and Take the Shuttle Bus. The TD Beach to Beacon 10K is providing transportation to and from the race from satellite parking lots at South Portland High School and the Hannaford corporate headquarters in Scarborough. Please plan to use these parking lots and the shuttle buses as it will cut traffic congestion near the start line on race morning and reduces emissions from idling cars.

Carpool and use the race shuttle buses. Every mile you drive produces about a pound of CO2. If everyone carpooled we’d cut the carbon footprint from travel in half. Carpooling can dramatically dramatically reduce traffic congestion. So please consider sharing a ride to the race with friends, family, team members. And please take advantage of the satellite parking lots that are serviced by shuttle buses provided by the race. The carbon emissions from the shuttle buses will be offset thanks to a donation of carbon credits by Native Energy. 


Offset your Carbon footprint. As part of the Council for Responsible Sport certification, the race is committing to offset 50% of the carbon emissions resulting from travel. Athletes for a Fit Planet is partnered up with Native Energy to offer a cheap and convenient way to offset the CO2 emissions from you travel. For $3 you can buy a Green Tag that offsets 300 lbs of CO2 , which is about 300 miles of travel. Click here to buy a Green Tag and help us reach our goal.

Fit Planet


Minimize paper and printing. The TD Beach to Beacon 10K registers 100% of all runners online. In addition, the majority of the race’s communications are conducted by e-mail and through the website and Facebook page.

Green portable toilets. All the portable toilets used at the start, on the course, and at the finish festival use non-toxic, earth friendly chemicals and recycled paper to ensure minimal impact on the environment.

Green Start and Finish Line Paint. This will be the third year we will be using eco-friendly paint on the road at the start of the race and on the grass at the finish line. The paint is free of volatile organic compounds that can contaminate the environment.

Social Responsibility. The race’s commitment to sustainability includes socially responsible initiatives as well as environmental practices. This year’s official charity is Good Shepherd Food Bank. We encourage race participants to join us in supporting the good work of this organization.

TD Beach to Beacon 10K is committed to respecting and including athletes and volunteers of all abilities, and not to discriminate on the basis of age, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, race or religion. If you have comments or suggestions for how we can enhance and strengthen this commitment, please contact the race organizers.