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Race Update FAQ

Q: How will the refund process work?

A: TDB2B10K is working with Race Roster, the race registration administrator, to ensure that all entrants receive a refund of their $55 entry fee for the 10K or their $5 fee for the Kids’ Fun Run. The refund will be credited back to the credit card initially used to pay the entry fee. If you haven’t already received your refund, you should receive it no later than May 20.

Q: How will the 2021 early entry process work?

A: TDB2B10K is working on detailed plans for how the early entry process will work and will communicate that information as soon as it is finalized. We anticipate sharing updated information in the Fall of 2020.

Q: Why wasn’t a deferment offered for the 2021 race?

A: We explored a number of options, including deferment, but the best path forward was determined to be a refund of entry fees with an early entry option for 2021.

Q: Why didn’t you do a virtual race?

A: There is no single vision of what constitutes a “virtual” race and we did not identify an ideal option for the TDB2B10K. Additionally, shipping and supply chains remain interrupted and we have concerns about being able to reliably ship t-shirts as part of a virtual event.

Q: How can I donate to the charitable race beneficiary?

A: TDB2B10K is pleased to announce that JMG, the charitable organization that was selected as the 2020 race beneficiary, will remain the beneficiary in 2021. If you would like to learn more about JMG or any of our past race charitable beneficiaries, please visit involved/beneficiaries/. If you wish to donate directly to JMG, please click here.

Q: Can I get a 2020 TD Beach to Beacon 10K t-shirt?

A: No. Unfortunately, since there will not be a race this year, we did not finalize the shirt order and are not offering a t-shirt. We look forward to sharing the t-shirt design with you in 2021!

Q: I registered through a past charitable beneficiary; what is my status?

A: Please contact the charitable beneficiary directly for your refund.


Q: Can I run the TDB2B10K race course on August 1?

A: In partnership with the Town of Cape Elizabeth, we ask that you please NOT run the race course on August 1. The roads will not be closed to traffic and we ask that you not congregate along Route 77 or other areas along the course route. If you are in Cape Elizabeth on August 1, please respect the Town residents, stay off private property, and observe local traffic regulations and town ordinances.

Q: Will the Charitable Bib Program be in place in 2021 as well?

A:  Yes. The program has been in place for many years and will be back again in 2021.

Q: Can you just keep my race entry fee so it goes to JMG?

A: Although we are in awe of and appreciate the inquiries that we have received from runners who would like their race entry fee donated directly to JMG, we are unfortunately unable to do this. If you would like to donate to JMG, please click here.

Q: Have all other 2020 TDB2B10K events been cancelled?

A: Yes. Unfortunately, the Kids’ Fun Run, the High School Mile, and all other events associated with the 10K race weekend are cancelled as well.

Q: How do you plan to engage the running community in light of the cancellation of the 2020 race?

A: While plans are not final at this time, we plan to engage the TDB2B10K community of runners and supporters through video content on how to stay healthy during the pandemic. The videos will be posted on social media and distributed to the race’s email list. TDB2B10K is also planning a special way to celebrate the race on August 1st and we will announce details on that soon.

Q: I registered to volunteer for the 2020 race – – will my volunteer registration be transferred to the 2021 event?

A: No. All volunteer registrations for 2020 have been cancelled. We do hope you’ll sign up to volunteer for the 2021 race. Details on volunteer registration for 2021 will be shared when 2021 race details are announced.

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