Registration Questions

Q: Why did you decide to hold a virtual race in place of an in-person event?
A: Although many parts of the United States, as well as many other countries, are emerging from the pandemic, we would not have been able to have the robust, celebratory in-person event we’re accustomed to experiencing. We had to take into consideration the concerns of the Cape Elizabeth public safety officials and our medical team, and we all determined the safest decision for our runners, volunteers, and the community is for us to stage only a virtual event in 2021.

Q: Is there a lottery for the virtual 10K?
A: No, you may register for the event without having to join a lottery.

Q: What do I get with my registration?
A: Each participant who registers for the Virtual 10K will receive a t-shirt and medal. The first 1,000 people to register will also receive early access to register for the 2022 in-person event.

Q: How do I know if I was among the first 1,000 people to register for the 2021 virtual event?
A: We will let you know!

Q: I was registered to run in 2020 before the race was canceled. Will I be among those who may register early for the 2022 event?
A: Yes, you will have the ability to register early and gain entry into the 2022 race.

Q: I was registered to run in 2020 before the race was canceled. Does my registration carry over?
A: No, you must register for the 2022 race. There are many legal, financial, and safety reasons for why we are unable to automatically register participants.

Q: How can I check my registration status?
A: You may log into your Race Roster account through the confirmation email you received.

Q: I need to make a change to my registration record (i.e. spelling/gender/shirt size). 
A: You can contact us at info@beach2beacon.org and we will make the changes for you. Please note, shirt sizes are not guaranteed.

Q: Can I use a friend or family member’s registration? 
A: No, registration transfers are not allowed for this event.

Q: How do the gift registrations work? 
A: When you buy a gift, you are buying a 100% off promo code that you would then provide to the recipient of the gift. Your friend/relative/colleague then registers themselves and the code is used up. Please note: If you buy a gift code, you are NOT purchasing a registration. Instead, think of it as a Beach to Beacon gift card that someone can use for their own registration.

Q: I am an elite athlete and I want to run, how do I get a registration? 
A: For the virtual 10K, we will not have an elite athlete program. We welcome you to run with us, however! You can sign up to run on the registration page.

Q: How can I request a donation from the TDB2B10K?
A: See our request policy by clicking here.

Q: I am a legacy runner. If I don’t participate in this year’s virtual 10K, will that break my streak?
A: No, your streak will not be affected by your participation in this year’s event.

Transfer/Refund Questions

Q: Can I transfer my registration? Is there a deadline? 
A: Unfortunately, for this virtual event, we are unable to offer the option to transfer your registration.

Q: I am not able to participate this year. Can I get a refund? 
A: Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds for registration.

Q: I am not able to participate this year. Can I defer my registration to participate next year? 
A: We do not allow registration deferrals.

SWAG Questions

Q: Are there placement or age awards? 
A: This virtual event is meant to be fun… a way to connect with friends and family and even to us here at TD Beach to Beacon. Because it isn’t a requirement to show proof of how amazingly you ran you 10K, there will be no awards for the 2021 event.

Q: How will I get my finisher’s medal and t-shirt? 
A: We will be mailing each participant’s medal and t-shirt to the address noted in their registration. We ask participants to ensure their mailing address is accurate.

Q: Will I have my finisher’s medal and t-shirt before the virtual event ends? 
A: Because we will be keeping open registration until August 6, we cannot promise you will have your swag before you cross the virtual finish line. However, we are in the process of working with our vendors to determine two mailing dates so that if you register for the virtual event early enough, you will have your medal and shirt in hand by the time the event comes to an end.

Q: What kind of shirt will I get with registration?
A: Each registrant of the Virtual 10K will receive a Nike Dri-FIT running tee. We are offering women’s sizing in XS and S, and unisex sizing S-2XL. We will do our best to fulfill your requested size, but we are unable to guarantee size availability at this time.

Event Questions

Q: How do I enter my results? 


  1. Connect your registration

On your mobile device, download the app.

2. Log into your Race Roster dashboard as a participant. Connect your registration to the app by clicking the “Connect to my app” button.

3. To record your participation with the Runkeeper app, you will need to track your activity using your phone or with a connected wearable. When you’re ready to participate:

  • Open the Runkeeper app on a mobile device
  • Visit the “start” tab
  • Tap the in-app checkered flag and select your event
  • Follow the prompts to record your participation

You can follow these step-by-step instructions (with images) on how to track your participation using the ASICS Runkeeper app.



If you plan to record using another software or tracking device and need to post manually,

  • Complete your activity and then simply head to the results page. click “Submit Virtual Result”.
  • Your confirmation number and last name can be used to confirm your registration before submitting your results.
  • You will then be directed to the activity submission page where you will want to enter the date you completed the activity, the distance/unit you traveled, and a screenshot if you wish.
  • Once you have submitted an activity, you will then be taken to your challenge dashboard where you can see your completed activities and statistics.
  • When you’ve completed your 10K distance, you’ll receive a downloadable finisher’s certificate.
  • Refer to this article for more instructional steps.

Additional notes:

Multiple event distances or participants under one Race Roster account 
If you signed up for more than one distance within the same event, or signed up multiple individuals for the same event, please visit your Race Roster dashboard, select this event and then use the “Connect to App” button for each event distance or person. To send to a friend, copy and paste that connect to app button link and share it with them.

How to ensure your activity is tracked correctly 
Please make sure you run the full distance (to the decimal point) to ensure your result is posted.
 Note: If you run farther than the required distance, the Runkeeper app will post your fastest segment.

Limitations to note 
At this time, the Runkeeper app is unable to link to Suunto, Coros, or Polar, but you can use your iPhone or Android.


Q: Can I run the Beach to Beacon course for my virtual race? 
A: The Beach to Beacon course is composed of public roads, so although there will be no runner support along the course during the two weeks of the virtual event, runners will not be prevented from running those specific roads.


Q: Can I run with a dog? 
A: It’s your virtual, so you decide how you complete your 10K!


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