Land Acknowledgement

TD Beach to Beacon Land Acknowledgement


The TD Beach to Beacon 10K race course and all of its associated activities in Cape Elizabeth take place on land that was settled on the original and ancestral homelands of the Wabanaki (the Abenaki, Maliseet, Mi’kmaq, Passamaquoddy, and Penobscot people). The race organizers recognize that these lands, like so many others, were not given up freely but taken by colonizers through the forced displacement and cultural and physical genocide of these Indigenous peoples. The race organizers acknowledge this history, and respect that it is not merely history but the current reality of all those who were and continue to be separated from their ancestral homes, traditions, and languages and denied their Indigenous – and simply human – rights. Tribal Nations face ongoing legal battles to regain and maintain their Indigenous culture, including the protection of hunting and fishing rights that are central to a deep connection to the land and water.  History cannot be erased and should not be forgotten. The organizers of the TD Beach to Beacon 10K honor and support Tribal Nations in reclaiming and preserving their inherent sovereignty, rights, and land; celebrate the cultures indigenous to the areas where we work and live; and promote the economic and governmental empowerment of these members of our diverse community.

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