Non-Profit Organization Race Entry Request Policy


Over time there have been requests from non-profit organizations for ‘bibs’/race entries for the purpose of fundraising. These organizations have not been past beneficiaries.


The establishment of a clear policy for granting race entries will give TDB2B10K a consistent framework that aligns with TDB2B10K’s mission. TDB2B10K will have available on an annual basis, 10 race entries, to provide in response to requests.


Race Entry – The opportunity to participate in the TDB2B10K. For the purpose of this policy, race entry is also known as a bib.
Bib – A bib is a tool to identify registered participants in the TDB2B10K.
TDB2B 10K – The TD Beach to Beacon 10K

Criteria for Race Entry Requests

1. An eligible requesting organization must be a Maine based non-profit organization
2. A requesting organization may not be a past beneficiary
3. If an organization is granted a race entry the organization must wait 3 years to submit another request. For example, if an organization is granted a race entry in 2019, the organization will not again be eligible to receive a race entry under this policy until 2022.
4. Race entry requests will be honored on a first come, first served basis. An organization may request only one entry per request.
5. Race entry requests for the next immediate upcoming race may be submitted beginning the day after the previous race.
6. If a request is granted, the organization will pay the customary race entry fee beginning with race entries awarded in 2020 and in subsequent years.
7. Race entries may not be auctioned in online forums such as Ebay or similar public auction/sale websites.
8. Race entries may only be used for the purpose of fund raising.
9. The organization must report to TDB2B10K via e-mail by June 30 of the year in which the race entry is awarded on its ultimate manner of disposition of the race entry and the amount of money received for the race entry.


1. An organization may submit a request for a TDB2B10K race entry by email to or writing to the race administrator of TDB2B 10K.
2. The Race Administrator will review the request and confirm that criteria has been met.
3. If criteria have been met, the race administrator will notify the TDB2B10K President of the request and eligibility.
4. The Race President will have the final decision to grant the request.
5. The Race Administrator will communicate with the requesting organization of the approval and will submit instructions on how to use the race entry. The Race Administrator will also communicate the conditions in which the race entry may be used.
6. The Race Administrator will keep a record of requests made as well as requests that have been denied.
7. If an organization misuses the race entry, the organization will not be eligible to submit further requests for race entries.

Download the request policy here.

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