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The Cromwell Center is the only provider of disabilities awareness, sensitivity, inclusion, and anti-bullying programs in Maine schools. In fact, they are the only organization in the U.S. that takes this hands-on, personalized, interactive, classroom-based approach to improving understanding, respect, and inclusion. So far, they have partnered with 220 Maine schools and 8,000 classrooms, and in the 2019 school year alone delivered face-to-face programming to 16,135 students in 92 schools.

The Cromwell Center’s programs include:

Respecting ABILITIES: A classroom-based program for grades 1-6 designed to build sensitivity and understanding, reduce bullying and create more inclusive schools and communities. This program is offered at no cost to Maine schools, and is delivered in person by a Cromwell Center program leader or through a curriculum kit that provides schools with:

  • A comprehensive, detailed, scripted lesson plan for each grade
  • All supplies and materials needed to carry out the activities
  • Video book-readings and activities
  • Books and posters for each school
  • Follow-up activities and resources for families
  • Resources and information for educators

Building Kinder Communities: A disabilities awareness and sensitivity training program for adults including parents/guardians and school staff. These interactive sessions help adults have positive conversations with kids about disabilities,  model positive attitudes and language, and help children be more supportive and respectful.

To learn more about The Cromwell Center’s programs, visit www.cromwellcenter.org.

You can also watch this video about the Cromwell Centerproduced in 2019.

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